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Disneyland Paris is recruiting in Lisbon in January 2019!

Disneyland Paris is pleased to announce its recruitment event in Lisbon which will take place on January 16th, 2019.

Many positions to be filled
Disneyland Paris it’s 20 languages spoken, a multicultural environment and 500 different professions. In other words, many opportunities to grow professionally and personally.
Currently, various contracts on permanent contracts (CDI) or fixed-term contracts (CDI) are available. We recruit in the following areas: Food & Beverage, Hospitality & Tourism. Interested candidates are invited to apply directly on the job offer of their choice by clicking HERE.
The participation to this event is on pre-selection only; the candidates will receive a personal invitation if their application is selected. You will find attached the communication medium to share this information with your students on your different communication channels.
Save the date!
The Disneyland Paris Campus Team