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Business Analyst Trainee


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Publicado: 21/06/2019

Finaliza: 20/08/2019

The Business Analyst Trainee will be trained to execute business analysis tasks and participate in writing and reviewing data for first-phase deliverables. It is expected that during an initial period of 9 months, he or she accumulates sufficient knowledge to integrate our Business development & Strategy compliance team.

From your side we expect an analytical mindset, and regarding if you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can for sure equally contribute to fulfill Mater Dynamics’s vision. This position suits better for those looking to mix technology and business development as a career. If you have balanced professional interests for technology and businesses you should apply. We are not looking to hire a full-dedicated scientist/engineer or manager. Self-motivation, excellence and willingness to learn are key insights for this opportunity.

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This position is ideal for you if you are looking to start a career in deep-tech planning and commercialization. For that, you need to have a BSc and/or a MSc in Engineering or in relevant Life-Science domains. Our company has business activities in 5 countries, and for that matter English is our first language. We assume you have a solid understanding of common tools such as Microsoft® Word and Excel.
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Menos de 1 ano
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  • Engenharia Biotecnológica
  • Engenharia Biomédica
  • Engenharia de Produção Industrial
  • Tradução e Escrita Criativa
  • Química
  • Engenharia Alimentar
  • Ciências Farmacêuticas
  • Bioquímica
Linguas requeridos :
  • Inglês

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  • Português

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